Peristeen bowel pump

Morning folks,

I know a few of you use the Peristeen bowel pump, so can I share my experience and hopefully get some feed back.

I’ve only been using it 10 days, first few were fantastic, I got a lot out, back log cleared but now all I get out is diarrhea with no solid matter at all. Does anyone else only get this. I’d hoped it would allow me to do a normal poo, but I can also see that if I pump 700ml of water in what comes out is bound to be very diluted !! ??

Also I feel very weak, my hubby is laughing at me as I keep saying I feel absolutely washed out and he adds that I am quite literally. I was meant to feel better once I was empty of all the poo that had backed up but I don’t, I have hardly any energy, I don’t feel I can do half the things I was able to do before I started this.

Do I need to use less water or do it less often, I’ve gone to every other day but it’s still diarrhea that comes out.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you

I use Peristeen but never use more than 400ml for one session. Sounds like the 700ml cleared your blockage but now the ‘blockage’ has gone you really don’t need as much water… I think too much water would cause whatever is there to dilute, so that would feel like you have diarhea. Might be why you feel washed out too…

Maybe try less water on alternate days… or even every three days…

Hope that helps.


I don’t use the Peristeen system, so I can’t comment on the amount of water used to irrigate. While it could be a water issue, it could also be a spot of constipation with over flow ( as my continence nurse politely puts it), with the runny stuff getting stuck behind the bigger stuff. I used to get this problem a lot, until I started to use the Quofora irrigation system. If you are feeling washed out and you get this problem a lot,try to keep well hydrated, especially in this weather, in addition to reducing the irrigation amount, as Rosina suggests. Nia.

Thank you both for your replies, I’m definitely going to reduce the amount of water I use and see what happens, then give every third day a go if it’s still not firmed up a bit. I just didn’t know what the consistency should be when using the system.

The consistency will be a bit softer because of the water…would also be much softer if you’re using Movicol too.