Parking on double yellow lines to be allowed

Todays papers have an article saying that the government are going to allow people to park on double yellow lines for 15 minutes - so they can nip into shops. How is this going to be policed? Everyone will need parking disks.

I’m concerned for all of us blue badge holders who rely on parking on double yellow lines for essential things like doctors, banks, chenmists etc.

Any thoughts ?

Jen x

hi jen

all i can say is “groan…”

parking is the bane of my life and if it wasnt for my blue badge i’d never go out.

carole x

Hi, I go out once a week into towns for a bit of retail therapy with my carers and to give hubby a well deserved break. But he does deliver and collect me. As we have a transit sized van, he is always worried about where he can drop me both safely and legally. Plus we have a wheelchair lift on the back, so need a lot of space.

It sometimes causes rows and bad tempers!

If other road users fill up the areas we use, there`ll be even more bother!


Hi I think the paper is going over the top by saying it will happen. My understanding is that Eric pickles has made the suggestion but no agreement for this has been made. It’s simply not managable. Me thinks mr pickles’ pie shop may have double yellows outside. Neil

Eric Pickles, a man so big he has his own post code. The pie shop theory works for me.

Eric Pickles has come up with this idea, but that is as far as it has got,

and lets hope that is as far as it gets.

Pam x