parking fine update

i feel so stupid now because i read the ticket again and it was for the street outside church.

double yellow lines but i always thought they didnt apply on sunday because there is no other hazard other than the school.

so i’ll pay the fine (through gritted teeth)

i wonder how many other members of the congregation got done.

yours sheepishly (bah)

carole x

I thought we could park on double yellow lines for 3hrs?

Yes you can park on double yellows for 3 hrs, unless there are loading/unloading restrictions, worth looking into.

i wasnt there 3 hours, just about 1 1/2 hours

so i’ll write to them before i pay


carole x

This site might be useful.


Badge holders may park on single or double

yellow lines for up to three hours but in general

not where there are restrictions on loading or

unloading – indicated by yellow kerb dashes

and/or signs on plates. (You may wish to check

whether a particular local authority has chosen to

exempt Blue Badge holders from this restriction.)