Paranoia? Probably

Righto, now this is probably me being cranky cos I feel like rubbish today but it’s been on my mind. Dyou know how little things can niggle away? This is one of them. Last week when I had my MRI, not only were the staff a bit too ’ oh I’ll help you up, you poor thing’ attitude (which I’m not used to at all) , but I’m just walking out the door and I hear the MRI person say ‘aw, that wasn’t nice was it’ in a sympathic tone. Now…I didn’t think anything of it at first, but it stayed in my head and niggled away. Now I’m left thinking ’ what the heck was on that MRI’? A second brain? Or no brain? I mean, not the thing you want to hear to be honest is it. Thoughts or comments appreciated. Anyone else overheard something they shouldn’t have? Lol

hi beverley

have you got an appointment to hear your MRI results from your neuro?

maybe ring his/her secretary and ask.

it may not be you she was talking about anyway.

take care

carole x

You’re probably right and I may just be being paranoid ; but my ears have a habit of picking up snippets like little radars lol. I’m not due, so far, to see Neuro again until November…no rush there eh? The prob where I live is we are underfunded and the staff overwhelmed :s xx