Has anyone seen or heard from him? Been a while since he’s been about here.

No, youre right. Hes been missing from here quite some time.


Yoo Hoo, Paolo.

Hope things are okay in Canada.

Just wondered if Paolo has maybe name changed? still no posts from him recently.

Probably got bored with it here.

Well it`s not exactly exciting is it ? Quite depressing really.


Oi. Less of that Scudger. Want it more interesting? Then post some more nice cartoons. Entertain us and we’ll consider entertaining you!!

Paolo’s probably bored of writing the same advice about Tecfidera. And is happily munching his pills and getting on with life. Maybe he’s got one. That’s one more than I’ve got. That’s why you can’t get shot of me!!


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I was wondering why that was.


for the 2nd time today!


He has seen his ass because he has had a face off with… someone on here!!! Can’t remember who, go back past posts, but he has. He’ll be back when he’s ready.

I reckon Paolo can take care of himself ok!