Has anyone received a message from someone titled as per the subject of this thread; directing you to a linked pdf file of more or less the same name?

The message describes a link between MS and chewing(!) and is written in a very impersonal fashion which makes me think it spurious.

No, not spurious, Paolo, just written by a fruitcake.
If you Google ANothingNobody , you should find his website - try not to laugh.

Oh, and he does admit to having smoked a lot of grass …


Thank you DoctorG.

A google search had reassured me that i was wise to be hesitant.

I hadn’t noticed mention of the pot abuse; the religious foaming at the mouth was enough for me to close the browser.

So I did another search - it looks like his postings have been deleted by two other MS Forums (MS World and TiMS).

I hope you have blocked him, Paolo. Looks like a candidate for the [Report Post] button if he emerges here. Otherwise you could tell him to take his ideas, write them on a piece of stiff card, fold the card so as to produce the maximum number of sharp corners, and insert the resulting object somewhere very personal and very dark.


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He was here Geoff. Not for long though.



Let’s hear it for the mods - aplause, aplause, aplause, …


There’s no denying it… they do good work!

Yeh, thanks for your vigilance Mods!