good morning

to all fellow suffering brothers and sisters,my name is paul, this is an initial message, reaching out for support. not too sure how this all works but just thought i’d give this a go, sorry if this message is ‘short n sweet’, just trying to establish ‘contact’ to others in the same boat.



Hi Paul. Welcome aboard. You’ve managed your first post so just keep on chatting. We’re a friendly, knowledgeable bunch on the whole. Ask questions about anything too. Nothing is taboo here. If we don’t have the answers, we probably "know a man who does "!

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Hi Paul, You’re very welcome to the boat. As Poppy says there is a huge reservoir of knowledge and experience here and we’re not afraid to talk about sensitive issues. What’s on your mind? Regards, Anthony

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hi paul

welcome aboard our leaky vessel.

carole x

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Hi Paul

Again, welcome to the lifeboat. None of us wanted or anticipated needing such a lifeboat but now that you’re here, feel free to ask questions or tell us about yourself and your journey to this Forum.


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hi poppy

thank you for my very first response, it’s a comfort to know i’m not alone. this health issue is certainly pushing the boundaries of my long term relationship with my partner. GOD SAID THERE’LL BE DAYS LIKE THESE! i’ve a hair-lip, a club foot, a cauliflower ear and me nick-name is LUCKY!!! none of the last statement is true, my HUMOUR [if you can call it that!] keeps me smiling. [and my love for ‘70’s’ music] there will be more to follow, having to take a series of breaks.

best wishes paul.

hello, me shipmate!

cheers for your response, anthony[ my middle name,funny enough…with an H] many thanx, going through some emotional issues right now, but endevouring to keep smiling[still attending classes for my spelling!!!] just letting you know i appreciate you stepping forward. went LINE DANCING recently but forgot to take some PEGS!!! every one a gem!!![or i’d like to think so!] more will follow, putting it out there.

best wishes paul.

hi catwoman!

many thanx for your post, you probably are well aware that singer EARTHA KITT played the part of the original CATWOMAN in the t.v. series. yep,i’m a bit sad like that. have always enjoyed music and entertainment. but very new to this forum. i am paul and have been a sufferer for just over 2 years. get a few good days and lots of not so good ones!!!

there will be more, just a little to be going on with. best wishes paul.

hi SUE

[me mum was ‘sue’ or so i thought/ christened SUSANNAH which i only learnt when she passed] sorry, i digress. many thanx in welcoming me to this sturdy ship. i am paul and have been suffering for about 2 years, though not all days are the same. new to the forum so i’ll take it steady as i go. more will follow, just getting this initial mail off to you, no doubt we’ll catch up some more. best wishes paul.

aargh me hearty, may the gods of the deep smile upwards to you and may your bounty (not Mars Bar or Milky Way) be plentiful. There be plenty of folk around these parts that can assist in lots of ways, and even with the dreaded curse your humour is what be required.

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thank you for your response to my ‘reaching out’. me thinks we may have a similar sense of humour, which is very important, given our health issue. if i had to choose a song for the moment, i’d plump for “from both sides now” JONI MITCHELL…hard for us, harder for our ‘carers’! on my wedding ring, it says “on and on and on” because my partner does like to go ON AND ON AND ON!!! her ‘indian’ name is “THREE HORSES” because it’s NAG,NAG,NAG!!! keep smiling. best wishes paul.

hi poppy

further to my last, i appreciate that probably a lot going on right now, with ‘shipmate’s’ and their respective plights. your avatar puts me in the mind of our beloved cat TOBIAS who we had to leave with a niece owing to where we moved to just over a year ago, landlord has a ‘no pet’ policy [private renting, it sucks!] and when we moved here, i was more able to get about, that’s all changed. as all of us no doubt are having to take things a day at a time. not a great fan of the early darkness of an evening, roll on the spring [ba humbug!] i have a partner of 20 years but as hard as it is for me, it’s so much harder for her. my music[ i play a mean triangle!!!] and my humour keeps me going. did endeavour to get to a ‘line dance’ recently but i forgot me PEGS!!! keep smiling, best wishes. paul.

Paul, the cat/avatar is my adored 12 year old boy. Having been hand reared by me from about 7/10 days old he believes I’m his actual mother. Without fur of course. He has serious “issues” I feel, and if he was a child social services would be involved! I’ll try to find an old post of mine that might amuse you.

good morning to all me shipmates!

was a bit of a night last night getting up for the bathroom, having to shimmy out of bed,get myself steady, choice of walking stick[handy with a headlight for ‘night ops’!] or frame, fortunately not too far to bathroom,though a step down, having to hold on to wash basin and side of bath whilst lowering down on loo, repeat two or three times. mind you, i did have a bottle of beer with my supper, that didn’t used to be a problem and i do still enjoy a beer. there might be nights where i give it a rest but still find the need of the bathroom through the night!

my partner and i live in a apartment, though on the second floor and i currently have no desire to go out anywhere, it’s not so much the going out,it’s the climb back up. did have an incident just last week, out in the day for a ‘medical’ appointment,on the way home, a bite to eat out as a treat [yes,i had A beer!] back to home[a five minute journey in normal people terms, an ‘age’ for me!] i have a ‘2 in 1’ rollator/wheelchair, not so good on uneven surfaces as my partner discovered. into our communal door, a bit of a climb up the stairs with breaks in between, managed to get indoors, to my bedroom, only to collapse [a bit awkwardly] just short of my bed, my partner not able to lift me, we decided to call ‘the three 9’s’ FOUR AND A HALF HOURS! we had to wait and i was in such discomfort, though ‘lyn’ did her best with pillows/cushions etc. two paramedics arrived[i had no desire to go to hospital, just wanted to get get upright] and sure enough, with a TOWEL as a tool, they got me up and perched me onto the bed. had to take it steady that night but my confidence has been ‘hit for six’! when we moved here just over a year ago, my health issue wasn’t so severe.

sorry,this turned into a bit of an essay.remember "WHERE WE GO ONE,WE GO ALL! " best wishes. paul.