Panicked a bit. Toilet issue

I have not been feeling well at all and have neglected my ISC and Peristeen routine.

Tonight forced myself to get on with it and have found I am bleeding but honestly not sure from front or rear end.

Not much blood and only saw on tissue.

Feeling down in the dumps over it all and suppose it will be ok. Maybe need to just get back to routine and then see.

Do you go to a bladder/bowel clinic? If you do perhaps you could give them a call to discuss it with them. Best to ask questions than worry about it, as this will only make mr MS coming sneaking up in all directions, don’t know why a mr and not a mrs. That is completely a different irrelevant thought. Sorry for rambling take care. Barney

Hi, do feel you ought to seek medical help on this, incase you have hurt yourself with the toileting aids. Hope not.

luv POllx