Most folk here will know about PALS - the Patient Advice and Liason Service - who operate for every hospital and NHS Trust.
If you have a problem, the usual advice is to complain to PALS. I have given this as advice several times.
This week, I had a problem (nothing to do with MS, this time). So I emailed a complaint to the relevant PALS.

Well, I thought I did. I used the address given on the Hospital Website (which ends on the NHS domain).

The NHS mail-server rejected the address as being unknown.

OK, I think, “No more Mr Nice Guy” and mail the “Patient Experience Team”, using the email address given on the same page of the Hospital website as the address for PALS. This makes it a formal complaint (PALS are semi-independent). Almost instantly I get a reply.

It is, would you not guess, an automated “out of office” reply. It does promise that I will get a response within three days (I hope they don’t wait intil Thursday, 'cos I’m out at physiotherapy that day (not NHS, my local MS Therapy Centre).

Dont give up if you want to complain.