Pale discs bilaterally

Hi it’s me again. I had my neuro examination and he said everything was fine but on the end of a letter to the GP he wrote ‘she did have pale discs bilaterally however’ Can anyone tell me what this is? The consultant did not mention anything to me about this. I am already visiting the GP on Friday and will ask the question there but am eager to see what ‘pale discs bilaterally’ means. thanks Yvette

Hi Yvette! The only time ‘pale discs’ have been mentioned to me is after an ophthalmologist’s exam of my eyes!! Did he look at the back of your eyes?? xxxjenxxx

yes the consultant looked at my eyes. However I went to spec save the week before and got my eyes tested and everything was fine.!!

Eww! it could be something or nothing then x have you been having eye symptoms? xx

I have had a searing stabbing pain in my right eye at different times but nothing currently…

Ok xxx

I have pale discs but I also had chroncally high IOP - visual field loss - and scarring showed up on a specialist scan - so was ultimately diagnosed with glaucoma in both eyes x

I think your best bet is to ask your GP on Friday & push for an appointment with an Ophthalmologist or even better a Neuro Ophthalmologist xxxjenxxx

I have Pale discs also. I had optic neuritis last year x

Pale discs bilaterally normally refer to a pale optic nerve which is normally found only in one eye. It can be caused by optic neuritis but there are also other causes of it. I have it in my left eye that the optician noticed in an eye exam but she said it was only slightly pale. It’s worth mentioning that I haven’t had any symptoms of optic neuritis nor have I been diagnosed with optic neuritis so even though I have a pale disc it’s not a concern to the optician etc. Hope that helps

I have slightly pale optic discs bilaterally but no other symptoms of optic neuritis always had them as far as I know A

Thank you for your responses . It really does help x