Pains in stomach and back

I was diagnosed a year ago and my symptoms do not appear to have worsened too much during that time. One thing I have had though is a crampy pain in the right hand side of my stomach. It has got much worse in the last few weeks and I have also had very bad low back pain. Has anybody else experienced these symptoms? The pain seems to move around and sometimes I can feel it very low down almost in my groin. Could this be what they call MS hug?

Hi Claire. It could be a few things tbh; there’s a lot of stuff in our bodies round there. If I were you, I would get to my GP and get it checked out. If it’s nothing physical then it’ll have to be your MS. I hope it’s something really easy to fix! Karen x

Claire - I’d go talk to your GP; don’t always assume that eerything that goes wrong is down to the MonSter :!: If he can’t find anything the have a chatter with your MS nurse and see if she can give you any pointers Hope what ever it is goes away soon Clarexxx

Hi, I agree you need to get it checked with your GP. Some of the things you are saying could point to a urine infection or an inflammatory bowel disorder. Jacqui x