Pains around the heart treatment/ideas

I want to ask if anyone is taking some meds for chest pain round the heart area ? I have just had the heart all check and its fine the veins are good aound it as well. I do use Baclofen for the huggy pain but this is a different pain and it doesn’t help it at all. Really need some help on this, if you have any ideas I would love to hear them, thanks sherbet

oh sherbet, thats sounds scary.

what have the doctors said? do they know what it is?

is it angina?

surely your gp would know what people have for that kind of pain.

carole x

Could the MS Hug?


if it sounds like the MS hug to you then I would recommend referral to a neuro physio who can give you some exercises and stretches to help when it strikes. I also take buccal anti sickness medication which seems to help.

Good luck getting it sorted.

Thanks to those who offered ideas and suport I did a poreciate it. sherbet x

I don’t have angina and am not sure of the ins and outs of it. It does work to help the muscles around the heart relax.Ask your doctor about. Its not as scary as the pain!Debra