Chest pain

For the past 3 hrs on and off been having tightening across my chest, not so much painful, but uncomfortable. Is this the MS hug that I’ve heard of before? Xx

Hi Shellie,

Unfortunately, no way of telling. Chest pains shouldn’t go uninvestigated, especially if they’re unusual for you. It’s probably nothing sinister, but wisest not to assume everything’s always MS.

I get chest pains from time to time, which I interpret as what others call “the hug”. But mine do respond to baclofen, which I’m pretty sure heart trouble wouldn’t.


Please get checked out. A myocardial infarction (heart attack) can easily show as tightening’s of the chest. Go to a&e. Don’t ever think you’re wasting time. I worked in the emergency department and I remember one patient who said she had indigestion but no pain. I did an ecg and it showed she was having a heart attack! Please, please don’t leave things to chance…not everything is because of MS. I hope you are okay xx