Painful tingling, new symptom

does this sound familiar to any body please.

intense painful tingling starting at fingers on both arms together, travelling up arms, over shoulders up over head. It caused dizziness, sudden weakness and lasted about 5 mins. It’s only happened twice, the second time I was unable to move my arms.

hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Hi poppyseed

I do experience tingling but not in the way you describe. Perhaps you should discuss this with your gp or ms nurse if you have


When you experienced this tingling, were you doing anything of a physical nature. Just possible it may relate to the cervical area.

Had you been laying down at the time…on your side?

Take care


Hi Poppyseed

I get this when I’m over tired and also when I get too hot - it eases off with rest/cooling down but its a right royal nuisance when its active. Cue self, in a school playground, at night, barefoot in February - in my Taekwondo kit - as the instructor yells instructions from inside the school hall so I can take part in training without getting too hot.

I have to pace myself throughout the day (as do many of us) to avoid over tiring - it’s difficult to do sometimes, you always think “I’ll just do …then I’ll rest”, and there’s always something else that you can ‘just do’ before resting and before you know it whollop!

Keep a note of as and when it happens and what you were doing at the time and in the hour or so before it hits - you should be able to build up an idea of what thing or combination of things triggers it.

Thank you both of you for your help, when it first happened I was out walking and second time taking things out of the drier. It comes back mildly when I lift my arms.