Painful shoulders, numb arms

Hi All

hope you’re all keeping as well as can be. I have got very painful shoulders particularly the left one. The fingers on left hand feel numb and lower part of arm feels like it’s burning. My right shoulder is also very uncomfortable and right fingers have pins and needles.

I’ve never had any issues with the right side before, everything has always been on the left. I’ve got a lot of stress at work at the moment with a grievance procedure I’ve taken against a colleague for bullying using my ms as a cause for constant sniping bitchiness etc! (She even kicked my stick away from me as she walked past!)

All my symptoms feel worse than usual and am struggling with fatigue. Does anyone else get affected by stress like this, and does anyone suffer the pain and numbness in shoulders/hands?

Thanks in advance

Freckles xxx

Hello Freckles

Stress does make my pain level and headaches worse, so I know what you mean.

The bullying your getting from a work colleague sounds horrible. Kicking your stick away from you!! I suppose there were no witnesses? what a bitch.

I hope this situation gets resolved quickly for you…don’t let the silly cow get you down. I hate bullies


Thanks Blossom, I hate bullies too! You’re right she’s very clever there are usually no witnesses. Have been through the grievance procedure once already but it was decided there wasn’t enough evidence to proove either grievance. (She reckons I’m hassling her! She’s a freak!!)

Well now I’ve got three witnesses willing to come in and relate what they have seen and heard so am appealing the original decision. I’m not very good at stressful situations unfortunately!

Freckles xxx

Hi Freckles

You have my sympathy, pain in the shoulders is very debilitating. Does it hurt to lift your arm? It’s very easy to put everything down to MS

My shoulder pain was so intense for several days I went to dr and I have Shingles. I had burning too. Shingles doesn’t always give a rash although now I have a lovely one all down one side of my face. Shingles can appear if one is stressed and it sounds like your work situation is stressful to say the least. May be worth talking to a doctor to check. I am so glad I did as the antivirals seem to be doing their job. Do hope things improve quickly for you.

Hi my shoulders get very sore. But all my bones feel sore if you push then. You have my total sympathy. I get a massage a deep one it hurts like anything but it’s good pain and I feel stuff moving. It’s like I’ve managed to tightly pulled everything together. See your doc and see what they say But I’m just getting told it’s part and parcel with ms Take care xx

Thanks all

am going to see my gp in the morning. I don’t want to get into the habit of putting everything down to ms, just in case something really important is missed. (Like shingles! )

I’m not dealing with the stress side of it very well had a meltdown in work last week. Thought those men in white coats were going to pay me a visit!

Also had a meltdown last year in work and was put on citalopram worried if I mention it to gp he may increase the dose. Don’t really want to be taking any more meds, but hey ho if that’s what it takes.

Freckles xxx

I use to have sharp pain in left shoulder for years had 4 x rays 2 mri on it and nothing showed up was given pain killers and tramadol for it which did help.

2 years later I went to have a physio assessment and this started the whole ms thing off he found my whole left side was weaker than right and my posture was out and everything was leaning to the right.

I had heavy left arm and numb fingers at tips (left hand) and sometimes pins and needles in left elbo as well as stiff shoulder and sharp pain in shoulder cup (like a knife being turned inside)

It did go away everything left upper, only left now with numb tips on fingers.

How long would you say it took to go away hobs. My stuff likes staying. It’s likes me better than I like it that’s for sure x

About a year on using this

As my pain was down to posture it took a while try strenghten left muscles and to get the body more symetrical

I also had constant rock hard bum cheek which gave me right hip pain, physio had to elbo you in the bum cheek to force it to relax and was a painful physio session and acupuntur.

my right knee muscles was over developed pulling knee cap out of alignment again acupunture and using leg machines to stregthen left knee.

All the above worked for me but may not work with others I also don’t get spasticity in calf or thigh muscles, only the odd severer cramp in arch of foot and toes curl over.

If you get pain in arms hips etc its good idea to get a full posture assessment from a physio they ask you to strip so they
can see your spine etc.

Hi All

still having the chronic pain in shoulder, and weird feelings in arms. Have not been able to get to see my gp yet as unable to drive and poor hubby has been in work.

On a positive my new car arrives on tuesday automatic, so I’ll be able to drive once again! Happy days!

Freckles xxx