Hello all this is a question about pain I think all with ms experience pain my question is how people cope with the pain were the pain is and if u think it gets worse over time? I get pain in back of my head in my back and hips and more resonantly in my hand arm and shoulder has anyone got some advise on dealing with the pain ?

Thanks for reading mike

Big pills and a lot of swearing, mostly first thing in the morning. When it is really bad I laugh out loud, shout at it and tell it to p— off.

Back support and neck support when watching the tv, now and then water i.e. jacuzzi sauna and steam room at the gym (I’m not affected by the heat, I’m a funny one affected by cold).

Stretching, wrist/hand support (boxing inner elastic glove).

Making sure I don’t twist and always get up straight, getting out of bed on my side and lifting carefully so again, not twisting.

Never getting stressed as it makes the pain worse.

Massage with a lady who knows my back is all messed up so she is strong but doesn’t hurt.

Resting when it tells me it is really bad.

Boring, support sandles that I wear all year which help my posture and back.

Using cushions in particular places to support me sitting at the table, in the car, on the sofa.

Hi Mike.

There are various drugs that can help - speak to your GP or MS nurse. I also find mindfulness meditation helps. The idea of mindfulness - to notice things like pain & let go of any judgement - sounds like it’d make the experience of pain even worse. But weirdly, it really does help.


i agree with dan.

mindfulness meditation really does work.

i think it stays at the same level but gets you down after a while.

laughing makes the pain feel reduced.

if only miranda hart lived next door.

Do you know if it’s neurological pain or muscular pain? The ways of dealing with the two things, including the drugs you could try, are completely different. You may need to consult a medical person to find which you have (you may have both).

Thank u all

I get both types os pain nerve and muscle I’m taking paracetamol anatriptalne gapaenten and the mo is there any anyone can surest to help it the nerve pain that I’m finding hard, the mindfulness meditation I have looked in to how did everyone find the course can I ask were people are from in the country

The only thing what helps me with pain is cannabis high in Cbd, I use a vaporizer because I don’t smoke you could try CBD oil its expensive but lots of people its brillant for pain.

^^^ - it’s the only thing that helps me too, cannabis. Except i’m naughty and smoke it
I call it my magic dust because it really is the only thing that touches my back pain and for a little while at least, i get some relief and can function. :slight_smile:

I have no shame in admitting I use it & I will carry on! Best pain relief I’ve had, tried every legal drug, they don’t work for me. I vape, if I smoke it I’ll be back on the fags, after giving up for 6 years I dare not xx

Wow, well done you!
i gave up trying to give up years ago! xx

There was a phone in on Radio 5 at 9am this morning, concerning medicinal use of cannabis and the case looks to be increasingly unarguable.

Vaping is the answer Soo! only downfall is I’m bloody addicted to refresher flavoured juice now, if I lose my ‘precious’ there is hell to payxx

i’ve tried vaping but -ironically- it makes me cough too much!
i’ve struggled to find one that doesn’t make be cough at every drag… mebbe i’ll try again :slight_smile:

My hubbies the same, he’s got about 20 of them, he still smokes rollies 1 after the other though! I love mine, wouldn’t go back now, especially now I can use the old herb in it!! xx

The evidence is certainly stacking up for it’s uses Whammel, hopefully the 1s in power will see it’s potential. Not holding my breath though! I’ve used it for a long time, I was a tad mad before I had it so it hasn’t affected me adversely on that point. However, I know it will need to be closely monitored & it’s not for everyone, as with all drugs, everyone reacts differently to them & I am certainly not implying that it is totally safe but under the right criteria it could be a very good pain relief as I have found it to be.

Yup i do rollies, don’t smoke the ready-made varieties, as in normal cigarettes - they’re just nasty!

I did enjoy them myself, bloody hands not so good now though, would get most of the baccy on the floor!

haha, yup me too! i used to be really good at rolling but now i can’t do them without my little trusty rolling machine, it’s ace with the added bonus of them turning out perfect every time! :wink:

I used to be terrible, could roll em whilst driving, when I think back I could cringe now, stupidity at it’s height, not proud of it. xx

ha yes but back in those days, before health & safety took over the world, EVERYone did ‘stupid’… it was normal then!