Hi all may l say merry christmas and a better new year to you all. What do you take for pain, its my ankle very painfull when l stand or try to when l have been stood on it it is less painfull, l am wondering if it may be arthritis or is it a ms pain nurse did not say, l see her again on monday. Just wondered if any one can say. Well 3 sleeps to the big day just the 3 of us this year, not seen number 1 daughter for weeks no 2 daughter going to inlaws, so just the 3 fo us and a tin of sweets and the tv control,

Take care regards Jan xx

Hi Jan, sorry you in pain! Hard to say if MS pain or not… but every so often one of my wrists will really hurt for a couple of days. I mean really bad so I can’t use it at all and have to make myself a sling out of a scarf. I used to think it was arthritis but it comes on so quick and then goes so quick I think it’s MS.

Apart from usual MS pain med’s, I can only suggest paracetamol. Worth taking 2 and see if it helps. Anyway… hope it goes quickly!!!

Only 2 of us here for Xmas… very relieved really. Much easier and only roasting a chicken but with all the trimmings.

Merry Xmas hon and a wonderful, pain-free 2013.

Pat x