Pain relief

Hi,I have pain in my legs and face.Pins and needles.Regular pain relief not helpful most of time.Havent seen neurologist for years.Went to see GP ,saw a new one who insisted on testing my vit b 12 levels,which as expected are normal.Have never had to wait for medication in past,explained I had a diagnosis of MS and have been managing it for over 25 years .Have to wait 8 days before I can have telephone consultation with said GP,wonder if he will prescribe anything.Has anyone one else experienced this type of care

If you don’t have an MS nurse you can contact ask your GP to be referred back to a Neurologist. I only say this because my GP is guided by my MS nurse as to what pain relief to prescribe.

Jan x

I don’t have a nurse,but intend asking for referral back to neurology team.Thank you x