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My uncle was recently diagnosed and he is in constant pain but the current drugs he is on aren’t effective and due to his diagnosis being so recent he is still in that ‘coming to terms’ phase and hasn’t the knowledge to know what to ask for. Therefore, could you let me know what you are taking for the pain (his back, legs, arms-everywhere is affected) and maybe we can start asking for something new.

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Hi BF, if your uncle has been recently diagnosed he should have a neuro who can help, or perhaps he has an MS nurse. There’s always his GP as well, he will be able to get something to help the pain there too. Pain relief that works for one may not work for another, so your uncle needs to see a doctor for something different if what he’s using doesn’t work.

Good luck

Rosina x

Hi Rosina

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately his GP took 20+ years to put his case history together to think about MS and his MS nurse has failed to get back to him, after a couple of attempts on his part, his next neuro appointment isn’t for a while and if he had some ideas about the type of meds that might help then at least his GP can ‘google’ them and hopefully it might be a starting point. I think he feels like he has been back and forth to the GP with no luck, they just don’t have the expertise in MS. I’ve been diagnosed 10 years but my symptoms are totally different from his and I feel like I should be able to help him!! Bloody MS.

Thank again


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He needs to try to get hold of his MS Nurse again if not her then perhaps he could get in touch with her secretary and explain the difficulty he is having getting touch with his Nurse. What medication is he on? It may well be for pain relief, I’m sure his GP is savvy enough to make a decision on alternative pain relief, if not perhaps your uncle needs to think about changing Doctors.

Jan x

Pregabalin. Is a nerve pain so it depends what type of pain he has, if its a nagging pain in his neck shoulders back? Like I have, not sure there is anything. Sorry.

amitryptiline is a good one for general neuropathic symptoms.

gabapentin is also a first line treatment but it started giving me an upset tum and i switched to pregabalin.

​these drugs are used for things other than ms and so your gp should be able to prescribe.

best to try one at a time so that any side effects can be put down to a particular one.

carole x

Hello BF

I personally would ring the neurologist secretary and repeat what you’ve shared with us and request advice regarding more suitable medication for your uncle. Make this phone call in the company of your uncle, he may need to give his permission.

Good luck x