Pain management

My back is so painfull I have many lesions in C spine and lower spine. I have been taking paracetamol but it is not working. Any recommendations please ? x

if it is neuropathic pain, you need some neuropathic painkillers.

ask your ms nurse or your neuro.

your gp will only prescribe everyday painkillers unless your ms nurse or neuro advises otherwise.

good luck


my gp prescribes me amitryptylene and gabapentin no problem. Paracetaml or neurofen wont do the job unfortunately.

Hi, Have you tryed a Tens machine, I find it really helps with my pain.

Baclofen and gabapentin really help with my pain

Hi Lenney

Im on Pregabilin Co-dine and diazepam for my pain im up to 225mg on the Pregabilin twice daily and waiting for a phone call to up it further hope it eases for you soon

respect sheep

Thanks very much for the input everyone. I really like the idea of the TENS machine for pain. Perhaps I will get one this weekend. If that doesn’t work I will try the other pain killers you suggest.

have u thought re meditation? or distraction techniques?

i used to take amytriptyline but managed to stop it completely (over several months)


Hi Ellie, Thanks I’ve not tried distriction so will look into that. I meditate twice a day. In morning and early evening with a breathing technique before the meditation. Warm showers seem to help too. It’s when I stand still I get pain alot. Like cooking at the hob, washing up and standing in queues. I just have to get round that by sitting to do some cooking llike preparing foods and wash up for five mins at a time.