Pain in hands when using stick/crutch

Hiya! So I have a stick to help with balance etc when walking and then got crutches as they (or just using one) feel a lot more stable /helpful, but my hands don’t like being in a grip position for too long (crutches do have padded handles).

Similar to the grip on an iron (not that I do much ironing now) or chopping stuff - hand is painful and gets a bit stuck like a claw!

Anyone else have that, and anyone got any tips to help it? (Don’t have carpal tunnel and it’s definitely hand rather than wrist).

(Diagnosed with ME/CFS+, not MS)


My hand hurt and when I went to my doctor he asked which hand I held my stick in. He explained that the pain was because I was putting too much weight through my palm. Are you leaning onto your crutch handle?

Or the muscles in your hand complaining about being in the same position for too long?

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Yeah I think it’s more that they’re complaining about being in the same position for too long… It doesn’t take very long to get to that and moving them around doesn’t help (it’s the same with holding a pen!). Not sure what I’m expecting here haha!

An ergonomic handle might help if the problem is reduced grip strength, as it spreads the load.

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warm gloves!

As whammel says above, you can get sticks with ergonomic handles. A physio said to me, when complaining of shoulder pain, that its from walking with a stick. Your gripping the stick/crutch with one hand, over 1? 2? hours andl eaning on that side - unknowingly. Builds up and builds and ouch…stiff and sore wrists and shoulders.

Thanks all for the helpful comments :slight_smile: