pain in back

Does anyone’s back ache in the morning waking you up please?

Mine does but it’s probably my mattress

Jan x

Sometimes it’s the pillows!

No got a new mattress just wondered if some one had this.

Sorry Jedi I didn’t mean my post to seem flippant. I do get a bad back and it is painful to get up on a morning as well as blaming my mattress, which is only a couple of years old, I blame my posture and the way I now walk due to my MS. I want to consult a chiropractor as I’m told they are the best people to consult regarding back pain, obviously my back isn’t painful enough because I haven’t summoned the energy to find one yet.

Hope you get some relief soon.

Jan x

Hi Jedi,i have it,been off work since the end of March with what the doc’s say is unrelated to MS,sciatica,it started late last year,when i got up in the morning i would have back pain but i seemed to do a few stretches and would get moving again,go to work ,do a full day and feel fine,that was until March 29th when i tried to get up and could hardly stand,the pain was horrendous and still is,so yes i have it and i feel for you.


Woop’s forgot to mention,i can’t lay flat on my back or on my left side,the only comfortable position for me is on my right side in the foetal position,what a life,still waiting to see a specialist.

Mel .

It’s like a dull ache across the back . I’m sorry about that mel I’ve been off since March too with the build up to my ms had leg pain vertigo swollen knee.

How long you been on tecfidera mele

Not on it my med’s are pregablin,ammantadine,baclofen,naproxen,tramadol,paracetamol and omeprazole for the gut rot.It’s not a good mix and they don’t control the pain that well.Got to have them though,not tried it without to be honest i dare not !!

Mel .

Very nice mel lol so do you sleep much mel

During the day yes lmao.

Morning mel how you feeling or that a silly question msg me when your up.

HI every one, try googling Opera hospital profiling beds, not only do they go up and down, so you can get out high, get In low

they move, back comes up, and It forms a hump under your knees, takes the cramp away In the night since I have had mine

I sleep like a log, oh they will go around and around If you drink enough lol

Regards David

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Hi Mel, I’m not dx’d but have been suffering since October last year with similar symptoms, do you get pressure pain in your thighs/ calf muscles if you lay on your sides, and if you lay on your back do you seem to loose feeling in your legs, and very painful to move, I do, also I can’t lay on my front as my spine feels like it’s dipping downwards, and pain is horrendous, I have been sleeping on sofa for 3 years since back pain, and problems sleeping on my back or front started…I’m on nearly the same meds as you, pregabalin, napraoxen, the gut rot one, it’s one, Tremadol, and agin same as you it don’t stop the pain, have you ever had feet pain, and servre swollen ankles like they are sprains, and heel pain? Sorry for so many questions but your symptoms are extremely similar to mine, I’m waiting for MRI, and evoke potentials results, hoping for something positive. If you can advise what you do to relieve pain etc, I would be most grateful x x x

kind reguards

heidi x x

Funny enough two things happened way back in the early eighties way before diagnosis. One was dead arm, and the other I suddenly got sciatica so i was told. It started with vague pain across my back then eventually down my right hip and top of my right thigh with dead foot. I had all the xrays nothing, but they said sciatica. I found the best thing for it was moving about.

I had to travel abroad to live with 2 children and hubby in this pain. OMG it was horrible. Trying to sleep was a nightmare like you too.

I went to live in Africa and saw a witch doctor (nah kidding but you get my drift). He put me in a special corset which i had to wear all the time (imagine that in the heat). Suddenly one morning i woke up and it was gone… never had it back.

BUT now since my MS I get dull back ache all the time, and spasms in my back and what i find is the best relief is my HEAT PAD. Its fab i use it all the time.

I feel for you Mel if you have sciatica its a horrible pain. x

Yeh all the time. Not bad horrible, just dull achey. I thought it was my mattress as sometimes it was in my hip too and knee, so changed. The pain in hip isnt so bad and i dont get it so often, but the back ache i do. I am not sure what it is. I use a heat pad all the time its bliss. Once i get up and get going its not so bad.

thats how it feels goldengirl.

I get the back and hip pain too - the hip pain in particular can often wake me up at night/early morning. i always think of it as someone banging on my hips with a sledgehammer! (ugh, need to watch less TV I think) I don’t get it every single night, and like Goldengirl, it eases when I get going.

And I have a wonderful osteopath. I think it’s because of the MS, personally.


Lou that hit the nail on the head so it could be be ms?