Pain due to walking pattern

Hi, I have had an intense pain in my right buttock for over a year. I was recently seen by the spinal team (I broke back two years ago, so checking not related). X ray showed no issues, but consultant has requested targeted steroid injection. Have been to two festivals in a row and no pain. Back home, pain again. I’ve realised it’s because of the way I walk (mainly sat around at festivals) - the muscles in my right are compensating for the way my left knee buckles in. Has anyone else had this and found solution?

Same but different here!

I have numbness in my LEFT leg and intense pain in my left buttock and lower back. Originally misdiagnosed with lumbar spinal stenosis but MRI showed spinal column was “capacious” which eventually led to MS diagnosis. Osteopath who I visit for physio etc. did a test which suggested a trapped nerve between L4/L5 vertebrae. Currently in dispute with MS Doctor whose attitude is “it’s not MS” so not interested even though it could be masking/ conflicting with MS and have reported back to my GP. My knees are buckling in too.

Worth checking with an osteopath or chiropractor to see if they can detect any trapped nerves.

I used to get pain in my groin and thought i had pulled a muscle. I wasn’t walking properly because i had foot drop, although i hadn’t realized it. I now have a FES device (functional electrical stimulation) which has helped although i now dont walk very far

A physio should be able to check out your gait and suggest a programme of muscle strengthening exercises to help. MS Therapy Centres are good, if you have one fairly local.

For me, Pilates, one on one, not a mat class really help, and cycling…