pain clinic


I have had two Morton’s Neuromas removed from my r. foot.

My r.foot is also the side which is troubled by MS - leg dragging - tendency to trip etc.

I am still in considerable pain - evert time I put my foot to the ground it’s like standig on the bone, and it burns irrespective of where my foot is. Apparently there is nothing wrong with my foot - just neuropathic pain as a result of the MS and the op as it involves nerves.

Worked through amitryptaline, gabapentin and am moving on the maxdoe of pregabalin. If still no success it’s off to the pain clinic.

Has anyone else used the pain clinic - is it helpful ?


I was referred to the pain clic and they put me on Bu Trans morphine,patches, I’m also on maximum dose pregabalin. The patches certainly help, hope you get some joy at the clinic.