Page not found

l get the emails from MSS forum saying that a new comment has been made - and when l click onto the link l get

‘Page not Found’.

Anyone else get this problem.

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Yeah, I do. My theory is that it’s when people reply to a reply, rather than replying to the original thread. I think one of the admin team said they would look into it, but I’ve not heard anything since.



Happens frequently


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Hi all,

Thank you for raising this - this was a problem a while back, and we thought the issue had been resolved. We’ll ask our developer to take a look. I would be interested to know if the link works in the email notification you’re about to receive for this comment. If you could let me know, it would be really helpful.

Many thanks,

Steph (Admin)

Well - it has worked OK with this one. So perhaps it is now sorted.

And me , but I will keep testing.

I think, it might come up with Page not found if you are not logged in. That’s my suspicion at the moment.


Steph (Admin)

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Steph - l never ‘log out’ - as l often find it so difficult to get signed back in.

No, it’s nothing to do with being logged in. I could have some emails work fine, and others do the page-not-found thing. I know from looking at the link in the email whether or not it’s going to work. If the link’s OK, it will look something like this -

The important thing is the number at the end. If it begins with a 7, like that one does, it’ll be fine. But if that number begins with a 3, then it won’t work.

If people get an invalid link after I’ve posted this, then my hunch (that it’s when someone’s replied to a reply, rather than replying to the main thread) is right. In fact, I’ll happily bet money that that’s the problem - to write this I pressed the ‘reply’ button on your comment Steph, not spacejacket’s original thread, and I’ve just noticed that the URL in my address bar is

And there’s that telltale number beginning with 3 at the end of the address.



Can people do me a favour & say whether or not they’ve just got an email with a failed link? If so, then scroll up and look at my reply to Steph’s comment about being logged in, and I’ve hopefully figured out the problem.


well, that would explain it, i just hope that it can be sorted out, it’ll drive me crazy wondering what i’m missing for that reason. i thought that it was something that had been removed.

Hi Dan,

You could be on to something here. Are you able to click the link from this reply successfully?

Thanks for your help with this.

Steph (Admin)

You are on to something, Dan. Yes, if the number starts with a 3 - then it is ‘page not found’.

Now we need to know why.

Well, I just had 3 emails with links that didn’t work. And, lo & behold, there’s been 3 new comments on this topic from Steph, 2blackcats & spacejacket, and you’ve all ‘replied to a reply’, not to the main thread.

I’d suspected this was the problem for a while, but glad to see it confirmed : )


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this really is going to drive me nuts, but well done you for working it out. the title of the original post almost made me simply hit delete though, thinking that it wasn’t ‘live’.