P.I.P. assessment- higher rate mobility

Hi all, Looking for advice. My Pip review is coming up. I currently receive Standard rate for both elements. It’s apparent that in the last three years my mobility has deteriorated and my Neuro has assessed my EDSS score as 6.5 which on the surface would score me at higher rate, i.e. can walk between 1 & 20 m with two sticks. My last assessor was very fair but I know they aren’t all like that. So any tips for how to get this across and any pit falls to be aware of. I know all the general advice, worst day etc. Thanks in advance Adam

I found the forms difficult to fill in, because they ask the same question in several different ways, try to be consistent. . I asked for help from C.A.B. which was really helpful. You need to think about /concentrate on the bad days when form filling.(i might have 1 good day when I can walk without feeling off balance and stopping, but 9 days when i can’t.) When I was called for the interview after loads of questions the doctor watched me from the window as my husband helped me get back in the car. She changed my rate to the higher one. My diagnosis wasn’t M.S then, it’s changed a few times over the years. So I would recommend you ask someone used to filling in these forms, you might have a wait so try to arrange it now. Good luck Make copies of the forms fill in your answers on 1 in pencil, you can show these to anyone who does help you.It’s also useful as a check on what you’ve written.

Don’t worry about being honest on the personal questions. If you don’t get what you need, always appeal.

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I asked C.A.B. for help form filling, they were very good, but as they’re busy… I’ld ring them very soon. Make at least 1 copy of the form. fill in a copy in pencil, try to be consistent as most questions are asked in several different ways. If you do get someone to help you then your copy will help them and you. Think about ‘most of the time’ not the very good days when answering the questions. When I went for the ‘interview’ the doctor watched me from upstairs as we went back to the car. My rate was unexpectedly increased. I expect if you get an interview it’ll be a video link now. If you don’t get what you expected, always appeal.

(If you already got an answer from me … sorry… my reply disappeared ) Good Luck

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I would get help filling in the form as its the way its worded that can loose you important points.Fightback4justice are really good.

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I got the CAB to help me fill my form in. Make a note of your worst days are what you can’t do that way you won’t forget anything.

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Hi, last year, I went from DLA (19 years) to PIP successfully with the help of SCOPE. They are a forum for disabled people. They have brilliant people who know what`s what about benefits.

They gave me great advice. Like most folk, I got myself into a right old tizzy worrying about it.

The biggest help when applying for PIP, is not to dwell on your diagnosis, but to explain in great detail how it affects you on a typical day. I was advised against using how a bad day is, in comparison to a good day…as they see through this and disregard it.

Explain (again in great detail) how you need the help of aids eg your sticks or a wheelchair, to get around. In my own case, I need carers for just about everything I do for personal care. This is always given high points.

These days they are doing telephone assessments and not face to face…so prepare yourself well.Good luck.



Hi Adam,

Have you got the review forms?

My PIP review is due any day as my standard living and higher rate mobility ends in March 2021. I am all prepared with my evidence, documents, letters, photos etc.

Got a letter last week, it’s been extended until Dec 2022!!

My top tip is to type your answers - means you can alter or amend info if you think of things.

My hands are affected so just wrote that it was easier to type than write.

All you need it your NI number on each page.

Think of all the things you have to do to live as normal a life as you can.

But yes get advice.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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Hi Jen, my, that`s great to have your award extended. Puts the angst off for awhile.



Not sure about the good/bad day.

At the actual assessment the assessor can only record what they see on the day.

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