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Hi, I’m new to the forum so, hopefully, I’m doing this right. I have PPMS & until recently I have managed to get around using my FES & stick/rollator, but now I’m struggling so am having to consider using a mobility scooter whilst out & about. I still want my holidays abroad (usually by air) but I am somewhat confused as to what type of mobility scooter is best to buy. I don’t just want a pavement scooter but one I can take with me on holiday that has a reasonable range & will cope with uneven ground. Has anyone solved this problem or have any suggestions?

I don’t mean to be pessimistic but I have travelled a lot with various scooters and uneven ground has been a problem for all of them that have been light/easy to dismantle to get on the plane. I prefer to scoot all the way to the plane as I can’t bear being pushed. The best scooter I’ve found is a travelscoot … Light and manoeuvrable …dreamy in fact but hefty price tag and will not cope with uneven ground. I have travelled with much less expensive models and my husband takes it apart at the aircraft but I cannot manage that task alone.

i would recommend you enquire about renting a heavier duty mobility scooter when you arrive at the airport, you know the ones that can cope with road terrain. However, I don’t like them for zipping around the complex/hotel in the evening so I guess my recomendation is to price up a heavy duty one at the country of destination. It’s well worth it in my opinion to be able to tear around and explore …but I love to travel and I hate to think my health will ever stop me.

let me know how it goes xx

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Thanks Gillymilly for your comments. I don’t know if I am being unrealistic, but since my husband retired we’ve have tended to go on arranged group touring holidays (with me having a separate personal guide so I don’t hold the group up). We have had some lovely holidays. I was rather hoping to go to Vietnam & Cambodia before i got too disabled. Beach holidays do not appeal - I find I swim in circles now as I have a useless leg! I find it very difficult to accept that I can no longer travel as independently as I used to. MS sucks!!

I don’t think you are being unrealistic at all. They are on our list hopefully later in the year. I just think I will pay the extra and get a heavier duty scooter at the airport so that I could zip around on my light Scooter as the situation dictates. Travelscoot literally packs up as hand luggage. Get going girl I fully intend to …please can you message me how you get on if you do go.

gilly xx

I believe the Red Cross can make temporary loans/hire of mobility scooters etc. As they are an international organisation they may have a branch where you are thinking of going, which might spare you the problem of taking one with you.

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Very interesting…thank you…what a great idea. Not my thread but I waited to raise my kids to travel the world and this isn’t stopping me so a interesting subject xx

Hi, depending where you’re going it may be possible to hire one locally, you can search for mobility scooter hire on the Internet. I’m recently home from Lanzarote and I always hire. I pre book it online before we travel and its waiting for me when I arrive at the hotel. There are various sizes and I go for the mid range, it gives me more scope. I’ve tried taking my own portable scooter, but with cobbles and hills the battery life just wasn’t long enough.

whenever and where ever you go, have a great time.

Thankyou all for your help & suggestions. I will certainly look into the possibility of hiring a mobility scooter where-ever possible. I am new to mobility issues as for me the PPMS after years of dormancy is now progressing quickly, so I appreciate all of your comments.