Well here continues the battle to speak to some one that will help! My symptoms of TN and now jaw spasms started over 2 weeks ago. Emailed neuro secretary to say I was struggling and is there a possibility to see the neuro or someone. She read my email yesterday- no answer. I have the old secretary's number (this one is temping as her maternity cover) so I tried calling her on that as most liekly she would be sat where the old secretary was - still no response. You'd think sending a curtousy email or call to say this is what's happening or I'm waiting to speak to.... but nothing!

It's so frustrating as I work for the NHS but not only that I work in the same trust. I am sorely tempted to make a complaint through pals - don't care if I work in the trust it's completely attrocious! Having to eat soft food as I my jaw is so tight it kills and I'm in pain if I talk too much laugh or smile which is quite difficult as my natural habit is to smile to reassure my patients and make them comfortable. 

Have a GP review next tuesday but will try and see if they can see me as an urgent if I'm really struggling before the end of the week. It's difficult taking time off with the current job climate - we've already had one of our secretaries removed from post so the last thing I want to do is take lots of days off even though my line manager is supportive but I'll have to if it gets worse.

Only positive thing is with the amount of food I'm eating I'm sure to loose the tiny tummy buldge I have!



ps: I also realised I keep doing spoonerisms since the last week, wet diaper becomes bet wiaper and it gets a little embarassing in front of colleagues when you've done it quiet a few times.

Sometimes it’s difficult getting through the nhs maze. I too work for the nhs and doo think I might have been treated very slightly better - maybe could just be my imagination! I would suggest before putting a complaint in trying a different route to get to the neuros secretary e.g go through switchboard - the number of nhs telephone numbers I have tried to ring with no success only to find out its the wrong number. Then you could also try to go through the ms nurses - even if you don’t have one ask to speak to one as a matter of urgency. My trust has a weekly emergency ms clinic
Hope it all works out
Min xx

Hi Reemz,

If as you say you work for the same trust, just a suggestion, take a stroill along to sec's office and speak to her face to face, you never know you may get some action then? As you say it is a temp covering maternity leave, she probably doesn't know her way around. Just a thought!

Good luck and take care.



Thank you everyone for your advice - suggestions greatly appreciated :-)

It's terrible isn't when as a member of staff you can't even get the right care. It's definitely made me view the NHS differently - I always felt I made a difference and that majority of doctors in the nhs were quiet good. I'm not quiet so sure anymore - I think it depends on the speciality.

The secretary that went on maternity leave was amazing and would email back and say what the delay was or suggest in the mean time what could be done. She was brilliant and I was very appreciative.

This one I've never met but I never get a response back - I even said in my last message if there's a better way/person for me to contact then for her to let me know too but nothing. Tried through switchboard but they put me through to the same number I have and though I work in the same trust it's a different hospital site which makes it difficult for me to go and pay her a visit.

The MS nurse is a good suggestion - I wasn't even sure if I could ring them as I'm undiagnosed as yet but I may just give them a try anyway.

I'm just frustrated and think it's appaling taht there isn't a better system for patients like us.