Outcome of neurology appointment

Hi everyone I hope your all keeping well. Well after 18 weeks I have been seen by a neurologist the outcome is intriguing to say the least. He said my neurological examination is not convulsive for MS but he thinks it’s BPVB, I don’t have dizziness at all the only symptom I have is poor balance. My heal to toe exercise was poor due to balance issues and also my right hand and arm is completely numb and tingly, I can’t walk for because of lethargy and balance issues. He wants to watch and wait for 12 months!! Not sure what to do next. Anyone else experienced this from their first appointment? Thanks

Do you mean Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo?

No experience of this but there are so many possibilities doctor Google and groups such as this open so many possibilities. A Neurologist is in a much better position to diagnose but still has an incredibly difficult problem to assess all the information.

I saw a GP do the Eply procedure on my mother once

Have you had any tests done prior to the appointment, such as MRI? I’d talk to your GP about it, to see whether they think wait and see for 12 months is appropriate, as they probably know your medical history better, and can maybe advise whether you should be pushing for any tests at this stage, if you’ve had very little done so far.