Neurology Exam at GP

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all as well as you can be at the moment,
I’m currently having my symptoms investigated by a GP who thankfully seems to believe me. I’m supposed to be getting a neurological exam done by her? does that sound right? and can anyone tell me what to expect please? I feel quite nervous about it, because I’ve felt that drs think it’s all in my head, or due to my recent post natal depression, which I feel i’ve gotten much better at managing lately.

my symptoms are:

Poor concentration,

Numbness in arms making it difficult to perform simple small tasks like buttons, zips, hold cutlery. Right arm, tires more quickly. (Left handed writer, but right hand is dominant in all other tasks.) occasionally it spreads to whole right side of my body.

Pain in lower back/hips constant, makes it difficult to do anything for any length of time.

Struggle to understand what people are saying or asking of me and have to ask them to repeat several times

Spontanious Muscle tremors,

Having trouble communicating, having to describe words because I forget it. Usually simple every day words.

Poor memory, forget to take medications, have to be reminded several times,

Slower reflexes, if my daughter is about to fall and hurt herself I’m getting less able to catch her.

Usually right side of body in far greater pain than left but occasionally switches. Pain killers usually dont help this pain.

Poor balance, still managing to correct it most times but more frequently falling into things.

Fingers swell in evening,

Shooting pain up spine occasionally, started when pregnant. Extremely painful, but only lasts a few seconds.

Headaches. Usually when trying to concentrate for long periods of time.

Slow cumbersome movements, packing a bag in a shop, very slow, and when I try to go faster I end up dropping things and become flustered.

Dizzy spells with temporary blindness lasting a few minutes, most common when going from sitting to standing, but has been known to occur very suddenly without any particular trigger.

Ongoing for about 10 years, gradually getting worse as time has gone on, particularly gotten worse since over the last 2.5 years and deteriorating at a faster rate in the last 3 months.

I’m not even 100% sure MS fits my symptoms or anything, but my sister has MS so I know there is a potential genetic component.


I’m having similar issues to you. Awaiting an appt with a neurologist.

I had a neurological exam done by my GP a few weeks ago. Not sure if yours will be the same but basically what she did was check my reflexes, check my eye movement by asking me to follow her finger and she also checked my muscles by getting me to push and pull against her clenched arms.

That was all. I was able to do all of these things at the time but feel I’m less strong and more dizzy now than I was when I saw her.

Good luck with your appt.

Winnie x

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I also want to add I sympathize with your comments that in the past GPs have thought it all in your head due to Post natal depression. I have also experienced being dismissed
“The mind is a powerful thing” was the comment made during a recent appt. I had post natal illness with both of my children so you have my sympathy dealing with that on top of everything else. I wish you well.

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It’s great that your GP is looking into what is causing your symptoms. You have the right attitude that what’s causing them could be neurological, could be MS, but just as likely not to be.

MS does have some familial relationship, your chance of getting MS diagnosed is increased when a close family member has it, but it’s not a massive factor. Have a look at Risk of developing MS | MS Trust for the increased risk.

Your GP can only do a rough neurological examination. As Winnie said, you’d expect nerve responses to stimuli, like reflexes, pin pricks on your feet and lower legs, eyes, watching what your eyes do when following a finger etc.

But, if the GP thinks there’s a neurological problem, they should get on with referring you to a neurologist. Waiting lists are getting longer all the time so the referral should come early. Often GPs refer for MRI, this is probably worthwhile as when you eventually see a neurologist, that’s a test they’ll not need to do. Only they might as the GP may not have order the MRI with contrast dye or of the right ‘bits’ of you. The neurologist might still want a further MRI of the spine or with contrast dye.

Best of luck.



Hiya Winnie,

Thanks for you’re reply, ah okay my old GP did that about 8 years ago i think and I’m assuming all was fine then cause nothing came of it.

I’m definitely a lot worse now though so it’ll be interesting to see what they say. The Dizziness and Breathlessness is meaning I cant really go out anywhere or walk very far on my own most days which is a pain. I hope you get you’re appointment soon as well.

And yes it’s a bit unfair that Post Natal Depression is being used as a rug for them to sweep stuff under xx

Hiya Sue,

Thanks for your reply, sorry I seen it so late!
Well the exam went well but because some of my symptoms still dont match up, they’re wanting to refer me to neurology anyway. But she did say she reckons it’s most likely, Fibromyalgia, with sleep apnea, but wants MS ruled out.

Take care