Outcome of neuro appt yesterday

Saw neuro last night to discuss what they found on my brain scan. I have 7 “white spots” on various parts of my brain. In his opinion these are “age spots” which are normal and of no threat and do not indicate MS or any other neurological disease. I asked therefore what could be causing all of the symptoms including the lower left leg numbness which has been present for 2 years now. He beleives that my neuro surgeon has got it all wrong and that the leg problem is entirely down to nerve damage from my previous surgery, which is fair enough, that just means i’m in the same position as I was before, disabled, suffering from degenerative disc disease and spinal osteo arthritis. As for the tremors, pins and needles, slurred speech, spasms, visual problems, swallowing problems and virtigo, well his opinion is… it’s all in my head, in other words i’m either making it all up or i’m a paranoid hypercondriach, charming!!! he said he thinks I may be suffering from anxiety about possibble MS therefore imagine i have the symptoms, the flaw in that is that these symptoms have been going on for a very long time but i was only made aware it could be a neuro problem 3 weeks ago! Prior to them suggesting I needed a brain scan MS had not even occurrred to me and the symptoms were as strong before then as they are now. So, yes delighted that i don’t have MS,IF he is correct, but he seemed so vague and muddled up himself i’m not sure i trust his judgement. We spent 10 minutes talking through the scan he had up on screen, then the next minute he asked “erm, have you had a brain scan done yet and have we had it?” He also didn’t make eye contact with me once, spoke to my husband rather than me, as if i wasn’t in the room, miscounted the number of spots on the brain initially saying first there were none, then 2, then 5 and then 7 when my hubbie said he could see 7.It was all a bit odd yo be honest, He did make an appt for me to have some blood tests done and another nerve conduction test and said he would write to me with the results. I’m in 2 minds about seeking a 2nd opinion to be honest,

Well its a bit of a neither here or there appointment! Typical neuro appt!! :frowning:

I love the way they they think we can imagaine these symptoms!! I certainly wish I was, then I could stop ‘imagining’ them and I’d be symptom free… woo!!

At least he is doing some more tests… if he remember what he’s doing them for!!


Hi Bunnythecat, If I were you I would get a second opinion. The neuro does not sound very sure of himself and treated you in an unsatisfactory way. Ask your GP for another referral and see if you can get further with another neuro! Good luck, Teresa xx

Hi, I tend to agree with Teresa in that your neuro sounds confused. Age spots ? - Hope that you dont mind me asking how old you are? A second opinion is required I think.

Moyna x

Hi Bunnythecat, I think you should request a second opinion. It can’t do any harm and then you may know one way or the other. My original neurologist said my lesions were just something any of us could have and decided my weak leg was due to a bulging disc. Despite me having optic neuritis previously. It was only by chance I saw a neuro surgeon who decided I had MS and then referred me to a general neurologist - who said ‘probably MS but nothing they can do’. I requested referral to specialist MS neurologist - since they know latest treatments etc. Important to see the neuro who’s specialist interest is MS. I was told they could be age spots if I was 70 but I am in my 40’s! I wish you the best of luck in getting to the bottom of your symptoms. Take care Bea

Hi all, thanks for your replies. I am 48 so not sure age spots apply either. I’m going to request a copy of the MRI and the radiologist report and talk to BUPA about finding a specialist MS neuro. In the meantime I have been looking at other things that can mimick symptoms and came avross some info about lesser known symptoms of menopause and quite a few of them match MS symptoms so i’m going to look into that possibility too. Either way I am determined to get to the bottom of all this! I’ll keep you posted. xx

Hi, hope you get the answers you need in time, I was awaiting your post as your circumstances sound very similar to mine and we are the same age, it fills me with dread that I could go to neuro and he says its your age, I know I won’t have the courage to stand up for myself and argue the fact that all these symptoms are not in my mind. Wishing you the best of luck hun. A x

Yep! I agree…2nd opinion needed here hun!


Hi, the first neurologist I saw dismissed my symptoms and MRI scans as well. The high signal lesions were ‘age related’, I was 48! I was told to come back in six months when hopefully everything would be better! He and the hospital weren’t MS specialists.

Luckily, working for a GP surgery, I asked who would be better to see and got my GP to ask for a second opinion. So I was referred to a MS specialist about an hours drive away but it was worth the effort. A lumber puncture and a few months later and I got my diagnosis.

So definitely ask for a second opinion, everyone is entitled to one. But look on here to see who is a MS specialist, even if you have to travel. But don’t expect the consultant to rubbish what the original consultant has said, they never do that!

Good luck


Thanks all, I was thinking of just giving up, especially as my hubby has said he agrees with neuro and says jusy try and forget it all and i’ll probably start to feel better! Oh how i wish it was that simple. It’s like my hubby now expects that since the neuro opinion I will suddenly feel better and is surprised that i’m not and is making me feel like i’m just not trying. I still have the blood tests lined up and another nerve conduction test to go to but I am seeing GP this week so will discuss a referral to an MS specialist. I can’t see how the neuro just prescribing anti depressants is going to fix all my symptoms, especially my mobility issues! I will be going back to work full time in a week, i have no idea how i’m going to manage it, I really will try though and just hope I can get through the days. I love my job and the company i work for and hate being away from work but as things stand i know i’m not actually capeable of doing my job properly. Oh well, not going to dwell on it, just going to keep going and get on with life as best i can at the same time seek out answers. i have to say this site and all of you guys are fantastic support and gives me, and i’m sure many others, hope for the future ans the strength to carry on, so thank you, all of you. Trudy xx