out with Billy & Bev

Hi, missed everyone for a couple of days and hope everyone is as well as they can be.

I went out last night! I know! I didnt realise there are 2 10 o`clocks in a day!!!

Billy took me and Bev to watch a show at the local theatre, with Natalie and Ian from Srictly.

Oh it was good! Natalie is just such a beautiful woman. Ian is witty and chatty. Their costumes, dance routines and music was incredible.

Billy was a good boy too!!!

Incase anyone is wondering who the chuff is Billy (not Alice!), he is;

Boudica and Bev`s Bad Boy Billy Berlingo wav!



Glad you had a good time Poll and everyone behaved themselves, including Billy!

I’m off to see Hairspray in November, can’t wait.

Jen x

Two ten o’clocks? Madness!

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Now you know how Galileo felt.

Poll I am delighted to hear you are enjoying getting out. Sounds like your dance evening was a blast.

nice one


Did Galileo invent a clock with a luminous dial then?


don’t be daft, he needed a better GPS fix to improve the accuracy of his wrist based sun dial.


That makes sense.

Blimey, out in the dark! Sound brill.

Excellent Poll

from the title of your thread thought you were starting a petition or summat (good Yorkshire word!) to get rid of Billy and Bev!

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Great to hear you had such a good time.

What is this weird clock that you speak of with two 10 o’clocks? This is surely some sort of witchcraft. My clock has only had one 10 o’clock for a long time now.

My clock quite often doesn’t even have one 10 o clock. Never mind two!!

Some people are just selfishly using up all the 10 o clocks so other people can’t have their fair share.




Get up at 10.30am then go to bed at 9.45pm and there are no 10 o’clocks!

Result = good!