Our wonderful services

hello again, after Manchester, Westminster bridge, Grenfell tower, to name but a few of the disasters that our wonderful nurses, doctors, policemen/women, firemen/women have coped with this year, with the prime minister, maggie may, even making it her priority to visit first to the services after Grenfell, the sky is not high enough for her praise of said services, how little it costs to give such praise because a few weeks later the true maggie may emerges, a motion put forward by Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday to give the public sector a rise in wages is defeated by said maggie and cohorts, including the “not bribed” dup, so much for the NHS angels, the police and fire personnel, will words pay the rent, once a tory, always a tory, Brian


you’d love my new t-shirt

"don’t blame me,

i voted LABOUR."

carole x

But, Brian, do you not realise? We are all in it together. (Except for viewers in Ulster, who have their own programme:))

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10 trillion folks could vote Labour. It doesn’t make any difference in this PC world.

Gone are the days of playing conkers & carers being legally able to beat kids.

The folks who brought houses for £1 are in power.

The world of law, is going to change. The wigs are on!

The folks suing people for anything, are making a fortune. You can’t change that.

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The sound of Tories cheering the fact our public sector would not be getting a pay rise tells you all you need to know. A billion of our money to bribe the political wing of the Old Testament is fine, but austerity is best for the peasants.

Welcome to Narnia.

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There was a slogan: “Save Ulster from Sodomy”

Remembering Kincora Lodge, we have to assume that underage boys do not count.