Other MS Forums


Cn you tell me of other forums you use plus comments and thoughts about them. I think this is a good one but I want to find other ones




I also use shift-ms forums for general chit chat with people my age ish, and i use thisisms for medical info, new drugs, etc.

Thisisms can be a bit daunting with all the medical knowledge people on their know, but its a great place for info.

Shift is brill, very friendly. Much like everyday living on here.

But this one is by far the best set up. More people and so much better to navigate.


Hi Patrick, I used ‘MS People’ for a while when we were having the new site prob’s on here. It was pretty good.

One thing I liked was that the blogs were listed and accessable from the forum home page, so were easy to find and there were more of them. (tech team please note… I think it would be good if the blogs were listed on forum home page here).

The community was nice and friendly. Lots of young mum’s so I felt a bit of an oldie.

Also for young women reading this… there’s a Facebook page called ‘Ladies with lesions’ which is also mostly young mum’s.

In the end I came back to this one and only use this one. I think once you get to know a group of people you tend to stick… but check ‘MS People’ out.

Pat x