Orthostatic Hypotension

Anyone have this in relation to MS? Or have it anyways?

Hi J’er

Lots of people have it. A lot more get tested for it.

If you stand up quickly and get dizzy for a couple of seconds - you have had it.
A lot of folk with neurological problems can be tested for it, as it can be a check on part or the autonomic nervous system.
So all (“all”) it is is a drop in blood pressure when you stand up (all the blood falls to the bottom) and the real question is how fast the body reacts and squeezes on some of the arteries to bring the overall upper body pressure back up.

It’s nothing to worry about in itself - the medics start to get interested (just) if the patient has certain other conditions.


Thanks Doctor Geoff, so is it something to worry about if you have MS?

I have had several spells of this but didn’t know what it was called!

No, you don’t worry about it.

If you have it and it lasts more than a few minutes, then it is a clear indication that your autonomic nervous system MAY not be functioning correctly. So, it can be a symptom, and not a cause. Personally I would worry more about optic neuritis.


Ooh yes, I have that. It’s not bad all the time though. To be sure it was that, I had to have the Tilt Test. That gave me the diagnosis. Xx