Oritse Williams


I know this has been advertised a lot but just in case you haven’t heard Oritse Williams is on This Morning with his mum at 12 today.

I will be watching it. Oritse does so much to help his mum and to help bring MS into the public eye.

Thank you Oritse from me.

Shazzie xx

I guess I always knew children were careers for their parents, I just never fully understood the extent. I assumed the main care was done by the professionals. It is a national disgrace that children are having to give up their childhood and that the parent is too scared of having their children taken away to ask for more help. I am ashamed of the country I live in.

I must admit I was shocked at the extent of work that these little ones are doing. One was only 4 years old.

I agree with you Janhhh. This country seems to do more for people abroad than their own.

What a lovely chap Oritse is?

Shazzie x

Damn! I did mean to watch it but forgot…I`ll see if I ca catch it on youtube.


I missed it too Poll! Grrrrrrrrrr!!


It was really good. His documentary on being a young carer will be on tomorrow on channel 4 at 11.

He was brilliant. There was a small clip featuring his mum. He said he started being her main carer at the age of 12. He even helped her in the bathroom when she needed help with “initmate issues”. Such a lovely chap.


Oh my!!! Just watched it on catch-up. What a lovely, kind-spirited person. I am def going to record and watch his programme tomoz. A clip had Holly crying, it’s going to be a tear jerker. Young carers are amazing and it’s so sad that they even have to do it. Thanks for alerting me to it. L x

You’re really welcome L. I am going to record it too.

I must admit I had a few tears too, especially when they showed the 6 year old carer who was doing the washing and washing up. Oritse said he had been his mum’s carer since he was 4. Terrible.

Shazzie x

Unfortunately it’s the worry that your kids may be taken into care if you ask social services for assistance, hence so many end up as sole carers.