organ donation

Probably a thick question but seeing as we can’t give blood does that mean we can’t donate organs either?

I know the ms research people want our brains but is that all?


Hi Pip I do not want a funeral and your post has led me to thinking…I wonder if I can leave my body to MS research ? Does anyone know ? Xx


i think you still can pip.

ellie x

Thank you for that Ellie

Many of our reputable Supermarkets are looking for a cheap alternative to horse, so you might try them.

Thanks Ellie Xx

Heehee whammel…I’ll give them a go !!

Nice one, I would have to go processed due to the high fat content.


Just requested pack from MS research. So thanks Ellie.

Wow…productive morning. Brain and spinal cord left to MS and body to University Medical Faculty. So at least some benefit will come of it !!


i signed up several years ago-copy of my consent form with nok and solicitor. kids know where number of tissue bank is…

ellie x

I’ve always thought they wouldn’t acceptor organs but now I’m not sure. I’ve always said I want to donate my organs to people who need then and some of m.s research (tissue bank I think) …I work work people that are on transplant list at times…one lady was on tv only yesterday after receiving new lungs. And I would love to make a difference to people’s lives when I’ve gone. If my child ever needed one I would be grateful to the person that may save them. My hubbie also has Polycystic kidney disease and he may in later life be one of those waiting for a transplant. Interesting. X

According to the lady I’ve just spoken to at the medical faculty, she reckons that people with MS should remain on the organ downer list. If someone is at end stage organ failure and their choice is to accept an organ from someone with MS or die, the choice is pretty stark. So my plans are, let MS research harvest my brain and spinal cord, let the transplant team take whatever they can and leave the rest to the university. Xx

Well that solves a problem for me MrsH so thatnk you. I don’s want a funeral either so was wondering what to do. Not that I am ready to go yet though

Absolutely not, Sally!! Somehow, it feels better knowing that all the consent forms are on their way and it’s sorted according to my wishes. Plus not having to put family through the ordeal of sorting things out when I’m gone. Somebody else will take charge and organise it all. Just need a trip to the solicitors now !! Xx

I like that idea Mrs H . How do you go about that? Although many loved ones feel a funeral is a way to say goodbye and I do agree with this especially having friends who have lost children or parents at a young age and the funeral was one way to grieve and get closure as well? So in some ways I may want a send off of some sort. I have a friend who recently lost his wife at the age of 38 to cancer and she had a massive amount of people who saw that funeral as a way today goodbye, grieve and gain closure. Does that make sense? X

It does but recent sad events led me to this decision. My hubby’s step father died two years ago, shortly afterwards his mother starved herself to death and two weeks ago, his beloved step mother died. None of the funerals, despite them all being a good age, was anything less than gut wrenching lay, heartbreakingly sad and my poor hubby suffered awfully, before, during a for a while afterwards. He would say that they certainly did not bring any comfort or closure and having discussed this issue in depth with him, he thinks the idea of letting someone take me away to benefit others and also taking responsibility for me away from him, is a better option. Xx

A party would do it for me,friends/family all get together…it tends to be the wake where all the talking a sharing stories happens anyway.

Saves all the money on the funeral,and people raising a glass is a more relevent send off for me.


Well we are on the right lines but I have just phoned the ms tissue bank and was told that they would remove my brain and spinal cord but would then give my body back to my family, when it is my turn to go I don’t expect to have any family left.

I have always thought that funerals are a wast of everyones time and money so what to do now please.

Funny I don’t know if it is because I have lost all faith or what but I find I can talk about this as if I was just sort of arranging a holiday or something is that odd.

Yes, definitely Pip. Plenty of laughing and reminiscing. Hopefully, good memories !!