Organ Donation and MS Tissue Bank

I signed up to the MS Tissue Bank a few years ago and have made my family aware that they must notify them on my death as it is important that the Tissue Bank have access to my body as soon as possible after death.

During a WI meeting the other night the discussion was about Organ Donation. I was surprised to learn that your organs can only be used if you have been on a life support machine and also the amount of time taken to contact your spouse and children and got ALL of their permission means that all too often by the time this has been sorted out means that even if YOU have expressed the desire to be an organ donor it can be too late to use them.

I learned somewhere that people with MS can not give blood but can donate their organs so I am now wondering if I should tell the family that ‘in the event of me being on a life support machine’ they should agree to my organs being used for donation and then my brain/tissue being given over to the MS Tissue Bank for them to use for research!

I would like to think that when I’ve done with this troublesome body, it might have a better use second time round and give up to 7 people the chance of a better life.


AnnAlf sounds like a plan, be great if you can make donations.

Thanks Hoppity, I thought so but how do I find out if it is possible?

Has anyone any suggestions?


Maybe the people at the MS tissue bank could advise you, failing that perhaps someone at the MS helpline could point you towards someone who can help. I would be very interested to know what you learn. Nina