Poppy''s Brain

Not to be confused with the lengthy “other” Brain thread.

I have never been a blood donor and now, as someone with ms, I understand my blood isn’t wanted. However, organ donation has been something I’ve strongly agreed with since I was old enough to understand the concept. It is surely the ultimate in recycling. Now, without resorting to the Great Google, I’m wondering if my organs will be dismissed as unwanted goods on my death. Does anyone know?

Also considering donating my brain, (what remains of it) to medical science, at a later date of course. Would it be wanted I wonder, or is there an abundance of brains in storage somewhere. I didn’t mean to be so flippant in my post. It’s quite genuine.

In the UK we have the MS Tissue Bank and they would love the opportunity of getting their hands on your brain.

This is from The Organ Donation Register.

Existing medical conditions

You can still be a donor if you have a medical condition. Only a healthcare professional can decide whether your organs or tissue are suitable for transplant based on your medical history.


You cannot be a donor if you have:

  • HIV (you may still be able to donate to someone who already has HIV) or
  • Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
  • Cancer that has spread in the last 12 months.

Excellent link Whammel. I’ve bookmarked it as a task to be completed over the next short while. I don’t think it’s necessarily urgent. It would of course be typical if I suddenly died in a gas explosion now! But I’ll take the chance and not rush it.