leaving your body to science

Has anyone thought of this or have this in place and if so how easy was it to set up?

Hi Trish

Have a look at



follow sue’s link.

its easy and they are very happy to answer any questions. i done it several years ago and they check details yearly.


Wow I’m sure it would help a lot of people. I don’t think they’d want my body …It’s far too worn out . On a funnier note last night I went to the cinema and saw "Coco " its a childrens film i went with Frazer and Isabelle my youngest …it all about our ancestors and what they get up to in the after life …makes you think. Frazer loved it too …there was a dog in it. Michelle and Frazer xx

Tell everyone, they want non MS as well as people with MS to donate their tissues.

After all what do you have to lose?


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i carry the tissue bank card and my wife is doing the paperwork so that she can donate a “non MS brain and spinal column”

follow Sue’s link, it is pretty straight forward.


thanks folks contacted them will have to go back as the universities might take the rest , hubby said you are going against tradition well you can imagine what i said to him, his sister is one of these professional moaners cup half full type in the thirty four years i have known her never seen her smile. they lost their mum recently and it was the most soul destroying day i had to go through would not wish this on my kids again. When my mum died i made sure everyone remembered the fun loving womman she was, thinking about never seen my mother in law laugh either. Why not leave your body as basically what use is it to anyone destroyed or buryed.

I have not looked into it too seriously yet, but this site might help answer a few questions.


Spoke to Glasgow university they may take it but again they might not since even if they find a cure I will not be considered it may do a bit of good

I’m not impressed that the brain is still aware after death ref tissue bank!

My mum intended to leave her body to science, it was all organised but she died too near Christmas so it wasn’t possible and had to be creamated instead. My husband and I intend to leave ours too, they might as well be put to good use!!!

I used to be an organ donor but I don’t think they’d harvest my organs now, the requirements and tests are so strict. I don’t know if I could donate to medical science as I don’t fancy my brain or spine sitting in a jar on a shelf for years. Something to think about…

Cath x

You can leave your body to the MS tissue bank. Alternatively, you can now donate organs (even tho you can’t give blood!), apparently they will give option to accept the organ to the recipient or next of kin x