Optic Neuritis first relapse in 5 years!

I have been so lucky I havent had a relapse in 5 years since starting Avonex. Then about 2 weeks ago I started getting some pain in my right eye. Last couple of days pain has got worse and vision affected. GP sent me to the eye hospital who confirmed ON (also had ON in the same eye in 2006). What I’m really worried about is MS Consultant taking me off Avonex its worked for so long its my comfort blanket I really hope he wont want to change after 1 ‘blip’. Also I dont know what the ‘new’ meds are, wondered what others are taking now. Thanks Melli x

Hi Melli

I’m on Rebif and I am currently recovering from a relapse that started in March which affected my legs. It’s the first relapse in 3.5 years since starting on Rebif in August 2009. The MS nurse based at the hospital said they wouldn’t be bringing forward my neuro appointment planned later this year as they don’t feel that this means the Rebif has stopped working. In fact this is good evidence that it has reduced the number of relapses which it is supposed to do. I had steroids back in March which did help with the walking but I am still having some sensory symptoms which, of course, will take some time to clear.

Hope this helps and I hope you are feeling better soon. I guess I’m lucky in that I’ve never had ON. (fingers crossed)

Tracey x