Living with Avonex

Hi to anyone out there,

I’ve recently been contacted to say I haven’t used the forum for years and do I want to stay in touch - the answer was yes!

Not really sure how this works, do we just listen, read and chat?

Anyway I’ll do a brief summary of me and see if anyone replies!!

I was diagnosed with relapsing MS in 2006. Had some fairly big relapses and was recommended to start using Avonex. I was really unsure at first (weekly injections and side effects for the rest of my life) but when I was pregnant with my second child, I had a biggie and lost my sight temporarily. I didn’t want to take any drugs as I was pregnant but it did cause optic nerve damage affecting my sight in one eye. I then decided to go for it after my son was born.

That was back in 2012 and I have been relapse free since then. Scars on my brain scans are fading and I feel good. My MS nurse always seems surprised that the drug is still really effective for me so would be interested to hear other stories from people using Avonex and how life is for you.

Has anyone else kept their diagnosis secret from groups of people? I have, but that’s another tale!

Clare x.

Hi, I started Avonex 8 weeks ago and so far so good. The initial side effects have been tricky but I now tend to sleep through them. I definitely felt an improvement quite soon so I’m hoping that lasts. I know it’s early days and your post made me feel good by knowing you’ve not had a relapse for such a long time. That’s brilliant. I’m hoping I can follow your example! I get a few headaches but I’m not sure if that’s Avonex or MS as I tend to get a tingly head. Overall, I’m very pleased so far! Hopefully we will both carry on this way.