Optic neuritis- 10 weeks on!!!

Hey y’all!

Hope ur ok. So I had Optic neuritis 10 weeks ago and my left eye is still pretty shocking. Am lucky that my right eye is still 20/20 so thats saved me. My question is does optic neuritis actually ever get better? I feel like its reached a peak of recovery which is pretty crap. I dont know if starting LDN has made it temporarily worse who knows?

I was just wondering if any one else had experienced this?

Much love


Hi, I don’t take LDN so I can’t give you advice on that one. However it can take up to a year to recover from ON. Ten weeks is still quite early. Anything that increases your core body temperature can increase your vision problems, eg high temps and humidity and infections. That’s why it’s good to keep cool using fans, cotton or linen clothes, cold drinks etc.

Jacqui x

hey Hun…hope you’re ok same here am. ot dx so no idea re LDN may be worth asking the ms nurse on that one…but yes 10 wks is early to be noticing any vast improvements and it can take time .even though mine lasted from jan to end of April re ON I am still recovering and my sight has made small improvements since then…so hang in there…most people to recover their sight fully but it can take time…not much consolation when you are in the thick of it but each day that passes you are nearer to that … em

Thanks guys. Yea i noticed when we had people for dinner and i was running around and talking etc my sight got worse! Is really odd tho! Didnt realise it takes so long! my neuro said it would prob never be 100% MAYBE 80/90 but thats good enough for me!!! lol x

Hi Beccy

I have had ON in my right eye for over 16 weeks, and in my left for 10 weeks now… horrible isnt it!

I have had steroids, and they did make it a little better when I was on them for 3 weeks, but it now is bad first thing in the morning and in the evening. Gets worse when I am tired. And its not really bad all the time either, it can be reasonably ok some days (some blurred vision still) and other days its blurred and I have double vision too. Horrible.

Wish I could give you more hope that it suddenly stops, so sorry Beccy.

Hopefully it will suddenly go and your sight will be great again! x

Oh gosh u had it in both eyes?! how awful! Yea i wasnt given steroids by neuro is kinda anti them unless its in both eyes.

I hope u feel better soon.


The worse thing is Beccy, is not being able to drive! I feel like I am so reliant on people now whereas I have never relied on anyone apart from myself!

My GP gave me steroids, but doesn’t want me to take any more as they can have side effects the more you take apparently. I was only on a low dose too :frowning:

Hope you feel better too Beccy x

Ahh bless u. U will get better it just takes time doesnt it! that i am learning.

I couldnt drive but im ok to drive now cos it was just the one eye. I had steroids last year 500mg! and they almost killed me! Never again!

How long have u had MS for and what are ur worst symptoms? x