Optic Neuritis? How long does it take to go away!!!!

So I am on day 20 of my optic neuritis journey and its killing me!! slowly losing the will to live here!! Have nticed a slight improvement but nothing AMazing! Was not given steroids and have to wait it out bt wanted to know your experience with it and how long it took u all to recover? So annoying i cant drive and being out makes me feel so disorientated.

Feedback would be much appreciatedd


Im on week 9 of ON started in right eye and now on week 3 in both. I only drive on the days I feel safe to do so (which has been for about an hour so far :frowning: ) really horrible losing my independence. Chin up though as thinrgs can only get better! Apparently it should usually last bout 6 weeks with no steroids… by the way I wasnt offered any steroids so yours should improve quicker than mine. but good luck to you and I hope your eyesight improves very soon xx