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I’m a 61 year old female. Diagnosed last year with RRMS which I questioned. Changed neurologist, best decision I’ve made, and was given the PPMS label. I was keen to go on Ocrevus. I ticked two of the three boxes and was awaiting the comparison of last years MRI and this years MRI to see if I have any new lesions. Just heard today I have no new lesions and therefore not eligible for O. I am really happy with this outcome.


I have read somewhere on here the answer to this but can’t find it.

I do find I have new symptoms every now and then and wonder how this can be given I have no new lesions?


Perhaps this is a case of smouldering MS?

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Mmmm very interesting whammel. I’m obviously “smouldering”. Thanks for that link.

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Great post - smouldering seems to describe my MS as well.

I love that title. I’m smouldering too.


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I am sure this used to be called “hidden damage”, but not so hidden now.

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didn’t female film stars of the 50’s and 60’s ‘SMOULDER’ - Jane Russell - Veronica Lake - Diana Dors - Jayne Mansfield. (I’m a Bette Davis man myself - can’ say she ever ‘smouldered!’)

Marilyn wasn’t much of a smoulderer either.

La Loren anyone - must be a sign of the times - there don’t seem to be any smoulderers around these days??

I’m thinking Greta Garbo she smouldered!

Jeez I knew i was SMOULDERING, i told my doc the other day i feel like i am ON FIRE…well i am and its smouldering ha ha.

I was told by neuro that PPMS can have no lesions for several years but the affects are always there and sometimes will move forward on their own.

I love that I have SMOULDERING MS lol…i am a hot babe he he. Mind you my nervous system agrees lol.

Wonder if it was a mis-print - I think I’d describe my m.s. as Mouldering (look it up!)

Yes I’m decaying too.