ooh no..numbness in arm pit, arm and ribs

hey everyone…am a bit concerned as I now have numbness in left arm pit,the ribs below,and along left arm,underside…could this be related to rotator cuff prob/ nerve pinching…my neck has been aching and am wondering if the slipped disc at c5/6 is not as stable as it was. have had a steroid injection into shoulder a few weeks ago but def getting nerve pinching still on certain movements and it’s keeping me awake at night too… still cannot lift my arm up very high even after the jab,.not seeing physio till 28 th maybe see the gp in meantime? typical I notice this on a sat when drs is closed!, lol any advice?

Hi Scoobie

I'm not a professional but I can certainly share my experience with you. I had a neck spasm last July which went with diazapam and neck collar. I continued to have neck problems with limited movement and started developing pins and needles and weakness of the arm on that side. The Gp referred me to physio who thought trapped ulnar nerve. Mine wasn't a trapped nerve - my MRI showed normal discs and and EMG was normal.

I''m not sure what stage you're at in the diagnostic process and if you have other issues but going to the GP is advisable. He may not do anything and tell you to wait for the physio appointment but I've learnt having thinmgs documented when you don't have a firm diagnosis is important. Injury, trapped nerve and many other things could cause your symptoms though it is concerning you can't lift your arm.

Best of luck


Hi, I was dx just before christmas,I had been having terrible pains in my neck also pins and needles up my arm into my throat, but my head pains were the worse, I have had Xrays/MRI scans,so took them along with me to see a Chiropractor and for me it relieved all my headpains and the terrible pins and needles in my throat, I still get the pins and needles in my arm but not so bad, because I have Arthritis in my neck, I'm never sure which is the MS or the Arthritis, they are both a pain!!     hope you manage to get something which helps.




hey thanks you two…I am still going through the dx process but arm probs started at same time as ON in left eye…initially weakness then pain a couple if weeks later…so been having probs since mid feb. yes I agree best get it noted even if gp won’t do anything till seen physio. seeing a neuro on 1 st june as not been assessed neuro wise for 18yrs and allot of my probs since then can’t be put down to rta in 1994 .and no one has delved further lol tis a concern considering I use a wheelchair to get from a to b luckily I have a power trike to use out and about as still not able to drive re on. see what gp says…will ask for a muscle. relaxant till I see physio.
thanks for sharing your stuff with me it’s a big help. last MRI on neck was 2010 and deemed stable re prolapsed p
disk at c4/c5 but the probs. seem now lower down in thorasic area around t2 area.theres a tender spot right near vertebrae and if I gently press on it my left arm shoots up in the air and the pain is awful…but I can feel pinching of nerve at shoulder muscles feel tight all time too…am pretty baffled and trying not to fret lol dine some stretches and gentle movement but still very painful.
thanks xx

hey all…well gp visit whent ok yesterday… she checked the sensitivity in certain areas but not the ones I feel numb in…said all was ok. having allot if muscle spasm in upper thoracic spine and shoulder so she’s given me a few days do duiazapam and changed one of my pain meds to napoxin…pretty certain the injection I has 3wks ago has not had much affect…and am struggling to wheel About in my chair…she said I need to rest the shoulder arm which it pretty impossible unless I just want to go round in circles lol see what physio says but this has been goingon since feb…and am pretty fed up…neve pinching is very painful…I can’t shrug my shoulder or reach behind my back…and can’t raise my arm very high at all…there is weakness in the hand too…what with my eyes still not great I feel liked am falling apart…lol at east the sun is out though…so will chill today…

Awww bless you lovely Em xxxx wish I could wave a magic wand and take it all away

Have you tried rub in anti inflammatary gels ? they sometimes take the edge off - especially if the muscles are struggling and spasming  due to the nerve damage/irritation

xxx keep that chin up! happyflowerxxxjenxxx

hey kizzy…how are you Hun?
aww thanks for your kind words…
the diazepam has worked a treat…wahey…should have got some weeks ago…lo, dr only given a few days worth don’t know why they only give a short course? …but I can’t tell you the difference and changing from Neurophen 400 mg to naproxen 500mg has helped. my neck is no longer stiff on left. side, top of thoracic spine less tight although there is a very tender spot there…and shoulder and arm much better…still can feel nerve pinching but hope the physio can work on that on. Monday.little more range of movement but still stiffness…and can’t shrug my shoulder at all…or bring my arm behind. my back…but am pleased with progress so far!! am also using cold gel patches too as and when…

Mornin! Glad something is helping!!! xxx

I'm ok thanks (ish) !

The last 2 weeks I've been improving leaps & bounds - severe fatigue has reduced to mild!!!!

I was saying yesterday - it's only now I'm feeling better that I realise just how really ill I've been the last few months!!!

Unfortunately my neck started hurting yesterday  - I ended up in bed last night in pain & with my side muscles spasming somethin awful!! I couldn't lie on either side! This morning my neck is worse & the tingly electric shocks whan I'm looking down at the keyboeard are driving me mad!

But!! I am feeling much better in myself - although I'm hiding indoors from the sun & the heat!

Had a lovely BBQ last night with friends! So things are looking up! Have a fab weekend!! xxxjenxxxcool

thanks Jen…
ooh gosh re your neck…try alternating ice and heat…sounds like you could do with some muscle relaxants too…I was getting electric shocks too last week…not pleasant is it…eek. maybe try physio if it doesn’t ease off by Monday…? when mine was bad a couple of yrs ago sleep wasa prob re spasms in neck…so emphasise with you on that…try cat naps during day also…hope it eases soon Hun…
glad you hada good BBQ…
not finding this heat easy but there isa cool breeze today which helps…I just find it zaps my energy!! lol