shoulder and neck pain

Good morning everyone i'm a newbie, just wondered if anyone has suffered shoulder and neck pain this is a new one for me had it two weeks now, i seem to be adding a new pain or discomfort to my list. i am still waiting to hear my diagnosis had my mri scan on friday now just gotta sit back and wait for the results of these. my story began 4 months ago, one saturday morning i woke up blind in my left eye i went to hospital they referred me to a different hospital i had my eyes poked and proded and then told i'd have to see an eye consultant that appointment took a month to come througth, in the meantime my sight in my left  came back although very blurry then i went numb on the left side of my body back to the doctors they didnt seem to worried was told to go back if it got worse, in the meantime my appt with eye doctor came round except it was just for a vision field test then had t wait again for another 7 weeks to see eye doc, in the meantime both my legs went numb  up to my waist i could walk but struggled felt like a weight was attached to my legs and i was dragging them, back t the doctors i went he referred me to a neurolgist has to wait 3 weeks, feeling in my legs and torso came back during this time back although i have pins and needles in both legs and feet all the time now, my eye sight is on and off, finally saw neuroglist had some tests done and told i'd be sent an appointment for mri, whilst waiting for this appointment i saw the eye doctor and was told my vision would never return to 100% but i can see okenough to get by. i'm now just awaiting mri scan results. just coping with this stiff neck and shoulder pain, i'm used to the pins and needles now, has anyone else had simular things like this, sorry for the essay

I get a feeling of millions of little pins being stabbed on my left shoulder,arm,kneck and head,I also get pain and stiffness.


Hi KittyKate

I'm undiagnosed -- had my first official epsiode of symptoms last october but had neck spasm (I had diazepam) and shoulder pain from july before which I think is related.

I still get pain in my neck and scapula area of my back on the L. It feels so tight and rigid!

I've had a few other muscle spasms since then as well that have woken me in the night and are worse when I try and exercise.

Diazepam is great for short term only as it is addictive there other drugs such as gabapentin/ baclofen which can help. Good luck let us know how uyou get on with thye MRI results.

PS CT1980 - Pain can be a symptom of other things yes but what a lot of GP's don't realise is that pain is also quiet common in MS too. There are different types of pain (muskuloskeletal/neurpathic etc).




all they have given me for the neck and shoulder pain is co-codamol 30/500 and some ibuprofen gel which works for  about an hour then i feel like banging my head against the wall, i know i can't take certain other pain killers as i also have an underactive thyroid problem too had thyroid cancer 7 years ago and had my thyroid removed and certain drugs don't mix well with my other medication i now take to control my thyroid level, so i have to go back and forth to my doctor when i can't cope with the pain, the ibuprofen gel is annoying too as i have a problem taking anything with asprin in as it annoys my stomach so have to take tablets before i use the gel so my stomach doesn't play up, sometimes times i feel like i can't win and just put up with the pain, will let you know about mri results when they come through, thought i was going insane with the shoulder pain first i thought i'd hurt it somehow, i'm beginning to wonder what i will be waking up to in the mornings when i wake up seems every week or everyother week its something new but try not to think about it or i will go insane

Hi hope everyone is well, i finally heard from hospital today about mri scan results got a letter saying scan results show inflammatory features in both brain and upper thoracic cord, erm ok got an answer but have no idea what that means and now i must wait until the 7th august to see my consultant neurologist, its gonna drive me mad waiting for this appointment to come round, anyone have any idea's what inflammatory features are ???