Awaiting Brain Scan (MRI)

I am currently waiting a brain scan to determine if I have MS, I have been in pain for around 6 months and it seems week by week my symptoms get worse than before. The problem originally started with a part of my spine being increasingly painful with no relief, My doctor has given me several different pain killers and none have had any affect on my symptoms. I am going absolutely crazy with this, can’t work as I’m a chef and genuinely feel so weak and got continuous pins and needles/numbness that started in one leg and has gradually progressed to the other and now my arms. I have had pins and needles like feeling in my head too. Sometimes I have itchiness that is so annoying and irritating. I am constantly so tired. Sometimes have sparkles in my vision like little speckles. My hands have more recently started shaking and this is one of the symptoms i struggle with most. I am having to get up through the night to urinate and urinated more frequently than normal. I have night sweats (probably due to the stress of determining what all of this is) I really just need someone to talk to in this situation, feel as though I’m constantly moaning about the same or new problems to friends and family… I suggested years ago I felt like I may have MS due to random weakness in my arms, never thought anything of it… but now my doctor has suggested this is what she believes it is and I am struggling waiting for diagnosis.

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It would be easy to say “there’s no sense in worrying about what you can’t influence” but we all do it.
I managed to worry myself into believing I had some kind tumour so in a weird way MS was a relief! The stress of the whole situation was by far the biggest culprit which I only knew after diagnosis.

I feel for you being in limbo land as it’s clearly affecting your daily life.
I’ve no words of wisdom to offer I’m afraid other than many of us here have been where you are and we do understand.

Have you got an appointment for your scan? If not can you put pressure on your Dr?
Have you had deficiency checks? (Vit D, Iron etc) if you’re diagnosed with MS then this will be done before treatment anyway, I was deficient in both that’s why I’m saying it and realised this contributed to some aches/pains. If you have long to wait it may be useful in the immediate.

Please come back and let us know how you get on.
Take care xx

The wheels are in motion now, so it’s just a matter of buckling up and sitting tight and waiting to see where it takes you. I hope that you get some clarity soon.

Thank you very much for your kind words, I’m just feeling pretty lost with the whole situation.

I’m currently waiting for 2 seperate scans one for my brain and other for spine and neck. I’ve had my bloods taken and was low in iron and calcium so have been taking daily supplements for this and trying to increase natural intake of this too. I have no set dates for my scans and have been waiting well over a month. I have been prescribed with diazapan with no relief, tramadol with no relief and no pregabalin with no relief…

I am constantly in pain and having the sensation of pins and needles or numbness, at this rate I’m starting to struggle doing everyday tasks by myself and without diagnosis I’m not eligible for any help.

I can see the affect this is having on my partner and we have not been together very long so its very hard for me in the area too.

I will definitely let you know how I get on, I just had to express myself freely to people who have been in this position themselves, i just feel like im deteriorating quickly.