Constant pain and numbness in left arm?

Does anyone else suffer from this? The best way to describe it , is its like constantly having a really tight blood pressure cuff on your arm. Some days it’s worse than others and some days I have very little movement in my whole arm, poor grip and pins and needles in hands and fingers, feels like its gone ‘dead’ Been tested for carpel tunnel, not that, also have numbness and pins and needles in right hand and arm but not blood pressure cuff feeling. Had this for over 6 months now, legs were unaffected until a few weeks ago apart from restless legs at night. Now stiff and very heavy, finding it hard to work even short distances. Have had more or less constant headache for 6 months too and have not had a full nights sleep. Seen rheumatologists, neurogist, optician, eye specialist, had loads of bloods done, electric nerve impulise tests and waiting on results of MRI. Neuro wanted to do MRI before thinking about a LP. Been on prozac pain killers anti migraine tabs, beta blockers, sleeping tabs, now eplisepy drugs nothing seems to help. Any ideas?

I get something similar which has been playing up recently. I have a suspicion that mine is caused by tight muscles in my neck, shoulders and upper back which have been worse recently because I’ve been reducing my baclofen. That doesn’t mean that yours is caused by something similar of course; there are so many possible causes :frowning:

Have you seen a neurophysiotherapist? They should be able to work out if it’s a neurological or skeletomuscular problem at least, and give you therapy and exercises to help it. They can sometimes give advice on meds too - for your GP to prescribe. Your GP can refer you to a neurophysio.

As far as pain meds go, it can take a while to get the right one and the right dose. Maybe up the dose of the current one and see if that makes a difference? If it doesn’t, then it may be the wrong type for your problem. Which of course means that it is crucial to work out what’s causing it!

Not sure that was a whole lot of help :frowning:

Karen x

Before my main flare up that prompting referral to the neuro I had a neck spasm and couldn’t move my head to the L fully which I took diazepam for. Unfortunately it crept back and I developed pins and needles in my fingers and pain in my arm. As Karen said it doesn’t necessarily mean yours is the same but I’d certainly speak with your GP about it before it gets worse.

Feel better soon



I get the pain in my right arm .It feels like a dull cramp .It makes me hold it up ,as that makes it feel abit better .It aches so much :frowning:

My hand gets so stiff it looks like a claw at the end of the day .My hand gets very sore as im not moving it as much .

Sam x

Going to make an appointment to see my Gp this week. After reading posts on here and talking to other people it seems like the only way to get answers is to make a pest of your self! If I go see Gp and explain that my symptoms are worse ansd I am struggling to look after my children- not alie, she might ring hospital and chase up results, also I NEED some sleep not had a full night in over 6 months and sure that can not be helping. Thinking of putting my primary school child on the school bus, it’s only 1/2 a mile but that’s a mile round trip for me twice a day, and up hil, which I’m struggling with. Think I am the only one hoping the bad weather lasts into the holidays, will not feel bad if my boys watch tv and play Xbox most of the day cause I have no energy to do anything and don’t feel safe to drive if I did! Hubbie has said he will take some time off

Not sure if this will help but i had all thr symptoms you have e.g blood pressure cuff feeling to the walking, was taken in with suspected stroke but they later found i had pressure and fluid on the brain and my brain had dropped so its low laying hope this helps :slight_smile: