Online conference for MS professionals

My OH today discovered this free conference for MS professionals, hosted by Professor Giovannoni: 2018 Registration

He has emailed the link to my MS nurse to urge her to join the conference. Sadly we can’t as it is for healthcare professionals only.

But the conference subjects are of particular interest to people with PPMS, or SPMS so I thought I’d post the link on here. You might send it on to your MS nurse if you have one, or other healthcare professional.

The Keynote speech is titled: ‘Progressive MS: is it modifiable?’

Other presentations include: ‘Upper limb function as a primary outcome measure in progressive MS’ and ’The pathology of progressive MS: making the case for one, two or three diseases?’ As well as many other issues relevant to progressive MS.

It’s so rare to see anything about progressive MS, that I thought we should all try to get people who are eligible interested in it.

It might be interesting after the conference on 27th November to see if the slides are available at least to see what’s being said.



Thanks Sue for this, sounds interesting I will forward the information to my MS nurse.

Thank your husband also please.

Pam x

My wife is a healthcare professional, not in MS though, hopefully she can sign up

Cheers Sue, I agree it’s not too often an entire conference is dedicated solely to Primary Progressive M.S. The outcome will be interesting.

Of the 65 million residents in the UK, only 25 thousand, suffer with PPMS. Clearly a tiny percentage of the UK. (All figures are a rough calculation).

I’ve notified my MS nurse and her team, she will notify the Senior Neurologist Mr Al-Araji of Royal Stoke hospital.

Chrissie xx